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Reading Buzz!

What a great response so far to the Brookburn Book Club! Many of you have been telling me about your favourite books and authors. Mai, Isla and Elodie came to find me especially. It was great to hear that they love Enid Blyton!

Iestyn gave me his own reading profile which I’ll share with you!

Name: Iestyn

Class: 4B

Favourite genre: All of them!

Favourite author: Cressida Cowel

Favourite book: How to betray a dragon’s hero


Calling all readers!!

Please comment with any book reviews you would like to share…



Our first book…

As a book club, we have selected our first book. It is called ‘Frozen in Time’ by Ali Sparkes. We are going to read the first two chapters this week.



Has anyone read this book? what did you think? Please don’t give away the plot though!!!

Introducing our members…


Name: Ruben

Class: 5A

Favourite genre: Mainly action

Favourite author: David Walliams

Favourite book: The Invention of Hugo 

Interesting fact:I can play the guitar


Name: Oliver

Class: 5A

Favourite genre: Action

Favourite author: J.K.Rowling

Favourite book: Wonder

Interesting fact: I think spider monkeys are awesome!


Name: Ronya

Class: 5A

Favourite genre: Sad stories

Favourite author: Michael Morpurgo

Favourite book: Shadow

Interesting fact: I am multi talented in music!


Name: Samuel

Class: 5A

Favourite genre: Comedy

Favourite author: Jeffrey Brown

Favourite book: Father and Son

Interesting fact: I can sing opera!


Name: Bella

Class: 5B

Favourite genre: War stories

Favourite author: Alf Proysen

Favourite book: Mr Stink

Interesting fact: I performed at the Edinburgh Festival


Name: Grace

Class: 5B

Favourite genre: Fiction

Favourite author: Astrid Lindgren

Favourite book: Anne of Green Gables

Interesting fact: I lived in Australia for a year!


Name: Emily

Class: 5B

Favourite genre: Mystery

Favourite author: Enid Blyton

Favourite book: The Secret Island

Interesting fact: I’m over half Scottish!


Name: Posy

Class: 5B

Favourite genre: Action packed thriller

Favourite author: Lauren Child

Favourite book: Pippi Longstocking and Awful Auntie

Interesting fact: My favourite animal is every type of bear!


Name: Eva 

Class: 5B

Favourite genre: Comedy

Favourite author: David Walliams and Lemony Snicket

Favourite book: Billionaire Boy

Interesting fact: I play the flute!


Name: Rakhi

Class: 5A

Favourite genre: Depends on my mood!

Favourite author: David Walliams

Favourite book: Awful Auntie

Interesting fact:I love sewing – I have made a bag!