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Frozen in Time Update!

Hello fellow readers,

Today we have been talking about what has been happening in the book so far. Everybody has enjoyed it so far. Here is a little taster from one part we’ve read,

‘on the napkin there was something she wished was ketchup but she new it wasn’t’

As you can see this book is very interesting. Lets hope that you’ll enjoy it as well!!!!!!

Yours sincerely

Brookburn book club



What are we reading?

As well as reading ‘Frozen in Time’ which we discuss each week, we are also reading different books at home too.


Here’s what else we’re currently reading

Samuel – Climbing in the Dark

Oliver – Wonder

Ruben – Totally into Frozen in Time!!!

Grace – Ellie May

Eva – The Miserable Mill

Emily – Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Posy - Totally into Frozen in Time!!!

Bella – Shot of the Gun

Ronya – Queenie and Geek Girl

Rakhi – Hunger Games – The Mockingjay


Tell us what you’re reading at the moment!!


Frozen in Time

We are busy reading ‘Frozen in time’ by Ali Sparkes. We met today to discuss it.

Here are some of our thoughts so far…

A few of us weren’t keen on the first chapter, but now we’re at the end of chapter 5, we’re all into it!

The main characters are very adventurous. The author adds extra detail about them, for example, the boy (Ben) and the girl (Rachel) chew their lip quite often. It’s to show that they’re nervous and that the plot is going to be exciting!

There seems to be quite a lot of mystery at this point – lots of questions to be answered.

This book is recommended for children in Year 5 and 6.

The Brilliant Brookburn Book Club says….Keep reading and blogging!!