Hey everyone!

During the summer we read ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We met today to discuss it

Ronya 4.5/5 – “I liked it a lot, but it got a little bit boring in the middle. The rest of it was nice, and it was touching at the end.”

Rakhi 4.5/5 – “It did get a bit boring on the island, but I was relieved by the ending. It was good!”

Ruben 4.5/5 – “I pretty much liked everything apart from the log in the countries. He could have described the countries as well as he described the island.”

Oliver 4/5 – “It was good but not perfect!”

Posy 2.5/5 – “The first bit was ok. The island bit was boring. The ending was a bit predictable!”

Eva 3/5 – “As the book went on it got more boring, but it was better by the end. I would have like the beginning to be more exciting!”

Emily 3.5/5 – “I agree with the others – the middle was a bit boring. I liked the ending, even though it was a bit predictable.”

Bella 3/5 – “I agree with Posy, Eva and Emily, though I didn’t find the middle as boring as them. Overall it was a very good storyline.”

Grace 3/5 -“I agree with the others. The middle was a bit repetitive. Like Ronya, I found the end touching.”

Samuel 4.5/5 -“It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I enjoyed reading about island life.”

When we compared it to Frozen in Time, it was hard to choose a favourite as they were very different books. They were both good in their own way!

Bookclubbers 🙂