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Robot Girl by Malorie Blackman

We have read half of this short book. It’s about a girl whose Father is a scientist. She doesn’t have many friends – she is very shy. Her Father is very busy with a project but she doesn’t know what he’s doing…

This book we feel is a bit young for us. We think it would be appropriate for Year 3 or Year 4. It is more grown up than most books you read at that age, but it’s an easy book to read. We think it might get more complex.

Watch this space for a full review next week

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Shapeshifter Review

These are our reviews on the book Shapeshifter by Ali Sparkes.

Ronya: 4.3/5  I really enjoyed this book and I find it really hard to compare to Frozen In Time.

Rakhi: 3/5 Ali Sparkes uses good language but Frozen In Time is a bit more mysterious.

Bella: 4.7/5 It is a really good book but it could have used more mysterious language.

Lulu: 5/5 It was really tense.

Eva: 4.9/5 It wasn’t very predictable.

Grace: 4.5/5 I agree with Eva

Posy: 4.5/5 It was very exciting but I think Frozen In Time was better because it was a mystery.

Emily: 4.5/5 Shapeshifter was a great book and the end was not predictable/

Ruben: 4.5/5 It was written well but I thought the ending was predictable.

Oliver: 4.5/5 It was good but wasn’t perfect.

Samuel: 4.9/5 It was just as good as Frozen In Time.

From the Bookclubbers 🙂