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Merry Christmas!

Thank you Year 5 for all your comments. We will reply to you in the new year.

Everyone enjoy Christmas – we hope you get some great new books amongst all your gifts!


Happy reading.


Bookclubbers 🙂


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Bookclubbers will be sharing some exciting new ideas in an assembly next week….



Alex Rider

The first two chapters are confusing but you have to persevere with the book as it gets better further on.
It gets more exciting as you read on. We all enjoy reading this book and most of us haven’t ever read Alex Rider books.

Book clubbers 🙂

Alex Rider- Snakehead

We started this book – though some of us haven’t read the previous books in the series. This meant the beginning was a bit confusing- but we’re getting into it now.

Watch this space for our updates!


Bookclubbers 🙂

Robot Girl by Malorie Blackman

We finished reading Robot Girl.  We think it’s probably suitable for 8-9  year olds. Here’s what we thought

Ronya –  2.5/5 The start was ok but the ending ruined it all.

Rakhi –  3/5 It was ok but easier than other books we have read.

Ruben – 3.5/5 The beginning was boring and it got a bit better but it wasn’t exciting enough.

Oliver – 1.5/5 I found it very dull.

Samuel – 2/5 I found it very boring.

Lulu –  4/5 It was a good book and a very interesting subject.

Emily –  4/5 I thought it was a great story line but not enough description.

Posy –  4/5 It was a good book but it was a bit simple. It is an easy book.

Grace –  4/5 It was good but it would have been better as a comic.

Bella –  4/5 It was easy but exciting in some places.

Eva- 4/5 I like the idea but it wasn’t very descriptive.

INTERESTING FACT – This book was dyslexia friendly

We decided that it was good to read this one but we enjoy more challenging books!

Bookclubbers 🙂