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Groosham Grange update

Here is our reviews about the first book in our book.

Ruben:4/5 because it was a great story but some of the thing were predictable.

Eva:4/5 because it was good story but if think it could have a little more description.

Oliver:4/5 because it was not good enough to beat the other books that we have read.

Samuel:4/5 because it was a brilliant story but some parts you are able to guess before you read it.

Rakhi:4/5 because it was superb but I think it was a bit predictable

Ronya: 4.5/5 because I found this book very interesting and it feels like the book is pulling me in.

The sequel to this story is in the same book so we cannot wait to read it!

Book clubbers 🙂


First impressions of Tales Of The Greek Heroes.

Generally it is  a good book so far but a bit long winded. It shows you the history of how gods became and their story.

First impressions:

Bella: I think it is very good so far but goes on a bit.

Lulu: Good but sometimes the myths are a bit complicated.

Emily: I agree with Bella and Lulu

Posy: It was good but after each chapter it didn’t make me want to carry on.

Grace: I think it is a good book but it needs a bit more description hopefully it will get better.


If you enjoy history this, so far, is the book for you!!

Group A Bookclubbers 🙂

2 mini groups- 2 books!

Book club has now divided into two smaller groups. One group is reading ‘Groosham Grange’ by Anthony Horrowitz, whilst the other group is reading ‘Tales of the Greek Heroes’ introduced by Rick Riordan.

Snakehead – Our Reviews

We finished reading ‘Snakehead’ over the Christmas holidays. We will post comments with our reviews below!