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Groosham Grange – Group 2!

We have read up to Chapter 10 so far. We discussed our initial impressions.

  • We’re all hooked.
  • It is very descriptive
  • It has a lot of show not tell
  • We think that so far the age restriction should be year 5+

We can’t wait for the next chapters!!!

Group 2 Bookclubbers πŸ™‚ Be aware!!!!

We have swapped!

We are now in two smaller sub groups. We have swapped! The group who finished Groosham Grange are now reading ‘Greek Heroes’ and the other way around! We will re-join together to compare both books, when we’re all finished.

Groosham Grange Reviews

Samuel: Β 4.5/5 because Β it wasn’t up to standard but still a brill book.

Eva: 4.5/5 because it was very mysterious and it was a very good book.

Rakhi : 3/5 It was a good book but the ending was to cheesy for my liking.

Ruben: 4.5/5 It had more tension than the first book and it was less predictable.

Ronya: 2.9/5 It was very cheesy and not the best book.

Oliver: 4.5/5 it was a very good book but it could have been better.

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Tales Of The Greek Heroes- reviews

Reviews: (our opinion)

Grace 3/5 10 (Fav) It is a bit bland. Could do with more description.

Emily 2/5 11 (Fav) It needs more description and sometimes there is a character which they don’t describe so you have no idea who they are.

Posy 3/5 10 (fav) Personally it is a bit boring but it does tell you the back story of gods and myths e.g. Zeus and the minotaur.

Lulu 2/5 10 (Fav) Personally I think it is a bit long winded but it was a good story line.

Altogether we think it should be based for history lovers and fantasy lovers not really adventure. It looks like it is split up into sections but actually are few are linked together.


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