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Greek Heroes Reviews

Samuel 1/5 Boring

Ruben 2.5/5 Great stories, but I didn’t enjoy the factual style

Oliver 1.5/5 Bland

Eva 1/5 Dull

Rakhi 1.5/5 It was a bit disappointing

Having discussed the book, we agreed that it’s great for information. Its’s a great historical text, but if you’re looking for action-packed adventure – this isn’t the book for you!

Bookclubbers 🙂

Groosham Grange Reviews

Grace- 5/5 Thrilling

Emily- 5/5 Outstanding

Posy- 5/5 Action-packed

Bella 5/5 Extraordinary

Lulu 5/5 Gripping

Looks like that’s a winner!

Bookclubbers 🙂

We are recruiting!

We are now looking for the next book club members! After the holiday we will be designing an application form and giving it to Year 5 children who would like to be a member of book club. Watch this space!

Bookclubbers 🙂

Groosham Grange

We have finished book one of Groosham Grange and so far we all think it is a very good book!!! We definitely recommend it.

If you have been reading it or you think you are going to read it tell us your opinion. We want to know!!!!!!

The age is definitely going up due to the fact it is getting creepier (especially chapter 6 through till the end of chapter 8)

The age we recommend year 5+ or maybe even higher if you are not into creepy stories.

Your fellow bookclubers 🙂


Greek Heroes – Group 2

The book is getting better but we think it would fit together more if it was written by the same author.

from group 2:)