Just before Christmas, as book club members, we formed new groups based on the books we wanted to read. We each read the books over Christmas and today met up together to discuss and give our reviews.

The Girl who Wasn’t There

Evie: Great book – LOVED the twist. One of the best books I’ve ever read 5/5

Ellis: It is my favourite book I’ve ever read! 5/5

Eva: Awesome book! Really good storyline. 5/5

Freya: It’s really good. I lOVE the book and the twist. 4.25/5

Jane: It was very good and I loved the twist. 4.5/5

Izzy: Powerfully gripping, twistingly surprising, positively a must-read! 5/5

Tom Gates: Top of the Class

Tom: It was a decent book at parts but at times nothing really happened. Overall it bored me a little. 3/5

Josh: It was a good read  to get into, especially for kids, but bear in mind, it isn’t the best Tom Gates book I’ve read 4/5

Yanni: It was quite easy to get into, but at times it did get a bit boring. Diary of a wimpy kid is better. 3.5/5

Sophie: 4/5

Max Helsing: Monster Hunter

Alex: Interesting. It slows, then speeds…I recommend it. 4.5/5

Zara: It was a bit slow, but gripping at certain parts. 4/5

Lula: I would recommend it but it is missing something. I don’t know what. In the middle it was a bit slow, but overall, very good! 4/5

Alice: I would recommend it because it was good, however, I felt that it was missing something. 4/5

There’s no such thing as Dragons

Kit: This book wasn’t that good. 1.5/5

Isobel: The descriptions were good but I don’t think the plot or characters were very well developed. Overall, I don’t think it was very good. 2/5

Next week we will form new groups based on the book we would like to read next. This way we get to discuss books with different people within our group.