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The best books we have read this year…

Here are the best books (not necessarily in book club) we have read so far this year…

Yanni – Skulduggery Pleasant

Josh – Skulduggery Pleasant

Alex- Lies We Tell Ourselves

Alice – To Kill a Mockingbird

Evie – The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Lula – Harry Potter (all of them)

Isobel U – The Hunger Games

Sophie – The Hunger Games

Kit – The Hunger Games Mockingjay

Ellis – Skulduggery Pleasant

Ella – Clover Moon

Charlie – Maze Runner #1

Theo – The Midnight Gang

Isobel NR – Wolf Rider

Freya – The Hunger Games Mockingjay

Zara – Girl Online

Eva – The Series of Unfortunate Events

Tom – The Maze Runner Series

Bookclubbers will be taking a short break for a few weeks. We will be reading non-stop though, so we will post before we leave Y6 to tell you what we’ve enjoyed reading!

Bookclubbers 🙂

Review of ‘The girl who wasn’t there’.

Alice: I thought it was gripping and quite surprising. 4/5

Ella:very good story-line definitely recommend 3/5

Isobel:  I LOVED IT – especially the idea of having an 80’s ghost for a BFF! 4/5

More reviews…

Just before Christmas, as book club members, we formed new groups based on the books we wanted to read. We each read the books over Christmas and today met up together to discuss and give our reviews.

The Girl who Wasn’t There

Evie: Great book – LOVED the twist. One of the best books I’ve ever read 5/5

Ellis: It is my favourite book I’ve ever read! 5/5

Eva: Awesome book! Really good storyline. 5/5

Freya: It’s really good. I lOVE the book and the twist. 4.25/5

Jane: It was very good and I loved the twist. 4.5/5

Izzy: Powerfully gripping, twistingly surprising, positively a must-read! 5/5

Tom Gates: Top of the Class

Tom: It was a decent book at parts but at times nothing really happened. Overall it bored me a little. 3/5

Josh: It was a good read  to get into, especially for kids, but bear in mind, it isn’t the best Tom Gates book I’ve read 4/5

Yanni: It was quite easy to get into, but at times it did get a bit boring. Diary of a wimpy kid is better. 3.5/5

Sophie: 4/5

Max Helsing: Monster Hunter

Alex: Interesting. It slows, then speeds…I recommend it. 4.5/5

Zara: It was a bit slow, but gripping at certain parts. 4/5

Lula: I would recommend it but it is missing something. I don’t know what. In the middle it was a bit slow, but overall, very good! 4/5

Alice: I would recommend it because it was good, however, I felt that it was missing something. 4/5

There’s no such thing as Dragons

Kit: This book wasn’t that good. 1.5/5

Isobel: The descriptions were good but I don’t think the plot or characters were very well developed. Overall, I don’t think it was very good. 2/5

Next week we will form new groups based on the book we would like to read next. This way we get to discuss books with different people within our group.


The Girl of Ink and Stars

Ellis, Zara, Ella and Sophie

We liked it, but sometimes it was hard to follow. We liked the unusual design of the pages and it was a good, adventurous story. We liked the way the mystery was at the beginning and the characters were trying to solve it throughout the story. We would recommend this (especially to Mr Alderdice!). It is suited to Y5 and above.

Ellis – 3/5

Zara – 3.5/5

Sophie – 4/5

Ella – 4.5/5

Happy reading! Bookclubbers 🙂

Max Helsing: Monster Hunter Review

Kit: I loved Max Helsing – it was really gripping. 4/5

Charlie:I really enjoyed it, great book! Didn’t get bored! 5/5

Freya: It was amazing – very gripping and gory 3/5

Isobel: I think it was action-packed and EPIC! 3/5

Tom: I loved it – amazing ending and mega gory! 4/5

Bookclubbers 🙂


The Parent Agency Review

Eva: I really enjoyed the book. My favourite family was Malcolm and Marjorie. 5/5

Isobel: Really gripping- I couldn’t put the book down! A great book with a surprising ending. 5/5

Theo: It was quite a good book. It is not a book I wold usually read. 3/5

Lula: I loved The Parent Agency – it was so funny and it was very gripping! 5/5

Evie: I loved this book. So funny! So great! One of the best books I’ve ever read! 5/5

Bookclubbers 🙂

The Lie Tree Review

Alice: I LOVED the Lie Tree. I was totally gripped from the start. I found it soooooooooo interesting and I think it truly shows the darkness at the heart of our world. 5/5

Alex: I really enjoyed The Lie Tree – it was slow at the start but it got better and better. 4.5/5

Jane: The Lie Tree was ok at the start, and it got interesting. It has a great ending! 4/5

Josh: I think that the first half was a bit dull with occasional interesting chapters, but when I got half way through, I couldn’t put it down! I thought the ending was amazing! 4/5

Yanni: I think the first bit of the book was quite slow and boring, but at the end it was quite interesting 3.5/5

Bookclubbers 🙂





Introducing our new book club members…

So Brookburn book club has started once again! Our club has grown – we now have 19 members!

With so many of us, we have divided into 4 groups- each group is reading a different book.

So here’s who we are and what we’re reading…

The Girl of Ink and Stars

Sophie, Ella, Zara, Ellis

The Lie Tree

Josh, Yanni, Alice, Alex, Jane

The Parent Agency

Lula, Evie, Isobel, Eva, Theo

Max Helsing – Monster Hunter

Kit, Freya, Isobel, Charlie, Tom

When we finish our book – we will post our reviews. Watch this space..

Bookclubbers 🙂

Year 6 passing the baton to Year 5!

Today the Y6 book club members met with the new Year 5 members. They discussed their favourite genres, book and authors. Y6 then told Y5 all about being a book club member and answered questions from Year 5.

Year 6 have been amazing bookclubbers. Big shoes to fill Year 5! I know you’ll be great!

Miss Hulse 🙂

Introducing our new Book Club Members…

Year 5 met today to talk about their future as members of Book Club! We are all looking forward to working together. The new members of the club are



















Book clubbers 🙂